Application Procedures

  • Applications can be submitted in person, by proxy or by mail.
  • The completed application forms must be submitted together with the assessment fees and photocopies of supporting documents for years of work experiecne and relevant experience. (For applications by mail, only crossed cheques or bank cashier orders made payable to the “Clothing Industry Training Authority” will be accepted. Please do not mail any original supporting documents or cash. For applications in person or by proxy, original copies of the supporting documents should be provided for verification).
  • If applying by post, please attach a photocopy of (a) HKID card or (b) One-way Permit and HKID Card. The HKID card or oneway permit provided by the applicant together with a copy of the HKID card will be destroyed once the vertification is completed to ensure that the applicant’s personal data is not leaked.
  • Applicants must provide documents to the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment to prove years of work experience and relevant experience issued by the employer or an authorised person (e.g. department heads or supervisors) to ensure that the applicant’s work experience in tally with the clusters units applied for. The reference documents should include the applicant’s name, HKID Card number, post title, scope of duty, years of work experience and relevant experience which is in consistent with the clusters being applied. If the aforesaid evidence of years of work experience are unavailable, applicants may submit other supplementary evidences (e.g. attestation of jobs issued by registered trade associations or labour unions, tax demand notes, payroll slips, or business registration certificates of the self-employed).
  • “Individual Portfolio” has been introduced by RPL to assist those who are unable to produce documentary proofs of work experience. For more details, please refer to the “GUIDANCE“.
  • The applicant must persent the original copies of the supporting documents and HKID Card to the RPL Assessment Office in person for verification within a specified time limit (one month from the issue date of the Confirmation Notice). Otherwise, the application shall be regarded as “unsuccessful case” and the application fee paid will not be refunded.
  • The RPL Assessment Office supports Equal Opportunity Policy. For applicants who need special arrangement and assistance, please specify clearly in Part I of the Application Form. The RPL Assessment Office will assist to make the necessary arrangement as far as possible.